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(Example of a Melton Family Coat of Arms)

(note: Coats of Arms may not be claimed by a person simply because the last name is the same.

Direct lineage to the person who was awarded the Blazon needs to be proven)

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Directory of Family and Individual Trees Lists by Name or State Individual Meltons on this Site Listed alphabetically Spouses List If you know the spouses name it can make it easier to find the the Melton you are looking for. Other Melton and related sites Some good places to visit

I will check all trees submitted for connections to other trees and notify you if any connections are found.

Note: With the exception of my own Family tree, all trees on this site have been submitted by other researchers.

The only liberties I have taken are to condense the trees by only including the Melton Surname and spouses

and to combine obvious family links between trees that have a two or more generation duplication.

A number of other trees are available on the web and links are provided to a few that I know of.

These trees have not been submitted to me, so are not indexed or shown here.


My personal goal is to try and find connections between the assorted trees

and maybe help others out there who are looking for connections also.


Family Ancestry information is not totally accurate or complete.

By the nature of this type research, inaccuracies or ommissions are always present.

If you find something that needs correction please let us know.

If you would like to submit your Family Information or a link to your site

E-mail me at

(Most types of files are accepted. We use Family Tree Maker , but .txt etc are OK )


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